Skull Engagement Ring

The words “till death do us part” mean different things to different people. A skull engagement ring offers a unique and quirky way of expressing your loyalty to your partner. Whether you’re making a statement about the longevity of your relationship or you’re just trying to pick out a unique ring that fits your rebellious fashion sense, a skull engagement ring is a great option to consider.
Skull engagement rings can be quite similar to “normal” rings. You don’t need to get a big knuckle-covering loop with a silver skull that’s bigger than a quarter. Our options include wedding rings with subtle, reserved imagery, classic silver coloration, and traditionally set diamonds that will look great from any distance. These fantastic celebrations of love can adorn your finger in any setting, be it professional, casual, or intimate.

The most fun part of any wedding band is showing it off. When someone takes the time to inspect a skull engagement ring closely, they’re rewarded with an intricate halo of perfectly polished metal that features a mix of wonderful patterns and morbid motifs. The white gold (or black gold) skulls on some of these rings can be easy to miss at first glance, but you definitely won’t miss them on a closer inspection.

Like other modern jewelry, you can find skull engagement rings made from a variety of materials. Popular options include white gold, sterling silver, black gold, and sometimes even platinum. As you might have guessed, skull rings are available in a wide range of colors, too, giving you even more options as far as customization is concerned. The stone color on the ring you choose could range from blue sapphire to white diamond.

Diamonds are pretty expensive – real ones, anyway. Luckily, people have gotten very, very good at making fake diamonds in laboratories in recent years. Just like other rings, necklaces, and bracelets, skull rings can be purchased with both real and synthetic diamonds. It’s often hard to tell the difference between a lab-grown fake diamond and the real thing, especially if you don’t have special tools. This means you might be able to save some money while purchasing an incredible skull ring to celebrate your relationship. A well-chosen cubic zirconia skull wedding ring can look every bit as beautiful as one with a real diamond skull.

Unlike other skull-themed accessories, a skull engagement ring won’t complete your punk, gothic, or biker-themed ensemble. Instead, it will serve as a beautiful reminder of the special bond shared between you and your partner. The skull motif means different things for different couples. It might represent an enduring relationship, a shared event in the past, or a rebellious spirit. Some couples tie the materials in their rings to this theme, choosing a titanium wedding band to symbolize an unbreakable bond, sterling silver for true love, or white gold for a relationship that can shine through the darkness. No matter what your engagement ring set means to you, it will form the basis of an incredible looking ring that you and your partner will love sharing off.

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